Elevator pitches make you want to vomit too

Jul 01, 2022

It is not bragging to acknowledge what you have accomplished.

It might feel like it is which we all could stand to unlearn.

We are not socialized to openly share our wins. That is why having an elevator pitch makes us want to vomit.

Every day, each of you lovely humans accomplishes amazing things.

Gain after Gain after Gain. And you will never notice them unless you start intentionally accounting for them. Your brain loves to go to what you have done WRONG or haven't done YET. (the GAP).

So do this exercise today.

Write out all of the things you have accomplished in the last 15 years. It doesn't matter if it is career or personal or hobby or anywhere else in your life.

☑️What jobs did you start/leave

☑️What pets did you acquire

☑️What friends did you make

☑️What friendships did you decide were complete

☑️What promotions did you get

☑️What skills did you learn

☑️What life did you create (right?! I literally created, INSIDE MY BODY 3 living humans in the last 14 years. CRAZY!)

☑️What life did you nurture

☑️What money did you earn

☑️What money did you save

☑️What research did you pursue.

☑️What big things did you buy

☑️What books did you read

☑️What trips did you take

☑️What losses did you survive

☑️What lessons did you learn

☑️What hardships did you endure

☑️What skills did you acquire

☑️What help did you give

☑️What disease did you cure

☑️What mistakes did you regroup from





And then, sit back for a minute and take it all in.

We are always learning. We are always gaining. We are always growing. It is all right there in front of us for us to notice when we redirect our minds from all there is still left to improve.