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Physicians: Stop dreading call

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Grand Rounds Talk

There are reasons physicians get angry when they hear “physician burnout.”

It makes it seem like we are the problem as opposed to a broken system that makes doing our jobs nearly impossible.

This talk addresses this very issue. It outlines the contributors to the moral injury that leads to physician burnout and what healthcare systems need to do about it, plus how we can help ourselves in the meantime.



Learn where you are leaving money on the table right now and why it is so important for you and for all of humankind not to.


Podcast Guest Chats

Listen to this podcast where I had such fun and pleasure to speak with surgeon Dr. Amy Vertrees about call and life as women physicians.


A great talk with Dr. Kristin Yates Coleman about knowing our value, imposter syndrome, and why we create what we’re trying to avoid.


Raising awareness about burnout and its partner, moral injury, is crucial to beginning to prevent, instead of treat, this workplace phenomenon.


A fun and fascinating conversation with the amazing Dr. Amruti Choudhry where we discuss parallels between physician burnout and other types of burnout including weight loss.