dream big.

I'm Karen Leitner MD.

I'm a primary care doctor (IM/Peds), mother of 3 girls, runner, singer, dog owner and someone who has the best job in the world as a life coach exclusively for women physicians. 

It wasn't smooth sailing to get here.

After I had my 2nd child and had cut back to 50% at my practice,  I remember feeling stuck, anxious and like I was drowning on all fronts.

Looking back at that time, I was trying to be so much to so many people.

Instead of being there for myself, I was full of self-judgement, criticism and shame. I thought I was the problem. 

So…. I decided to leave my practice.

I went on to work in pharma, homeless medicine, medical education, urgent care, consulting, and patient advocacy.

I also did a lot of therapy and started meds for my anxiety (it is so important to destigmatize the mental health needs of physicians).

But none of those things were nearly as impactful on my happiness and fulfillment as was learning the tools of coaching. I WISH I'd known about these tools so much earlier.

But you don't have to wait like I did.

Right now there are so many women doctors suffering and struggling who don't have to feel that way. 

I have helped hundreds of women doctors feel more empowered, confident,  hopeful, and in control in their lives. I help them negotiate for what they deserve, create boundaries to keep work from spilling into home life, and improve efficiency and satisfaction at work. 

They might choose to leave medicine or stay and either way they feel secure in their path. 

And I would love to help you too.

“Karen is 100% invested in helping YOU; you know she is on your team! You will look at yourself as someone who is loved, confident, and ready to face challenges with new ways of thinking. I’m more collaborative at work directly as a result of my work in this program. My team can approach me because I’m not always stressed. I now feel amazing! I have so much confidence in all my relationships — most especially the one with myself. The investment is so worth it!”

— Dr. Eleanor B.