Looks can be deceiving

Jun 01, 2022

Don’t I look like a badass?

Looks can be so deceiving.

I might be wearing these because I am crying (I’m not)

I might be wearing them to cover a black eye (I’m not)

I might be wearing them while feeling unlovable, unworthy, like a bad mom, an unaccomplished doctor, an imposter. (Not anymore. Thank you coaching).

I might be wearing them because I found them in the back seat of my car that I was cleaning out on a rainy Sunday. Vacuuming up half eaten pretzels, disgusting old unidentified fruit pits, lego bits, dog treats.

Ding Ding Ding! I have no idea how they wound up in messy car jail. Are they yours?

This is my loving reminder that social media LIES.

Everyone isn’t happier than you.

Everyone isn’t more confident than you.

Everyone isn’t having more sex than you.

Everyone doesn’t have a better body than you.

Everyone doesn’t have more money than you.

Everyone didn’t make a better decision with their life in not becoming a doctor.

Lies lies lies.

As physician women we work really, really hard often times without acknowledging and unconditionally valuing and loving ourselves. We believe that everyone else is somehow doing it better and we are the only ones struggling and it makes us feel worse. We are hard on ourselves. We lack compassion for ourselves. We rely on external validation and when it doesn't arrive we make that mean something about our value.

Let's stop perpetuating this. Let's create our own narrative. Let's stop believing that being a good doctor means sacrificing everything of ourselves for the system. I can show you how. Come chat with me. Sign up for a free strategy call. www.karenleitnermd.com or email [email protected]